LDAM Parent Booklet

Two booklets stacked together on a purple surface.

Booklet Cover ADHD Spread LD’s Spread Advocacy Spread LDAM Parent Pocket Book PRINT DESIGN Roles: Student Volunteer DesignerMentor: Oliver Oike The Parent Pocket Book is a quick guide provided by the Learning Disabilities Association of Manitoba (LDAM) for parents who want to know how best to walk alongside their children in their developmental journey who […]

Demo Reel

Rows of black, blue, and yellow maple leaves featured over a white background

Demo Reel MOTION DESIGN, VIDEO PRODUCTION Role: Student DesignerMentor: Keith Fraser Welcome to my demo reel! Here you will see a collection of animated works that I produced using Adobe AfterEffects and Adobe Premier.  Reach Out Feel free to leave me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! Looking […]

FizzCo App

mockup of phones showing off the FizzCo app

Reversed Logo App Icon Can Designs Onboarding Screens UI Experience Purchase Experience FizzCo App UI, WEB DESIGN, BRANDING Role: Student DesignerMentor: Matt Brooks For this school project, I developed the UI for a retail app selling custom sodas mixed by the users. For this, I created a mock-brand complete with the logo, colours, themed imagery, […]

Quo Typeface

Quo name and slogan displayed in black and white.

ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz!@#$%^&*()_+{}|<>?-=[]/:;’”,.1234567890 Quo Typeface TYPOGRAPHY Role: Designer Mentor: Shouresh Jalili Download Free Quo is a geometric sans-serif that is inspired by a combination of typefaces like Futura, Underground, and Helvetica. It is designed to be modern and classic simultaneously. This typeface can be used on print and digital projects alike.  Quo is designed with a standard […]

InstaCake Congrats Card

InstaCake Congrats card viewed from front while closed

This project has been selected as the Signature Awards 2022 Runner-up in the category for Packaging Design. Closed Card Open Card InstaCake Congrats Card Design PACKAGE DESIGN Role: Junior DesignerSenior Designer / Art Direction: Michelle de Muelenaere, Diane Blahey Purchase from InstaCake This project was completed as a part of the Tom Powell Design Studio […]

Little Brown Jug Table Tents

Old Design New Design – 1919 Pale Ale New Design – Black Lager New Design – Queer Beer New Design – Taproom / Beer Cans New Design – Le Burger Week Template LBJ Table Tent Updates PRINT DESIGN, PHOTO EDITING Role: Freelance Designer As Little Brown Jug updated their brand to a new aesthetic, I […]

Tea Time Wallpaper Pattern

A tea room decorated with white furniture and a dark wallpaper featuring a pattern

Dark Light Tea Time Wallpaper Design INTERIOR DESIGN, ILLUSTRATION Role: Student DesignerMentor: Andrea Tetrault The theme and colour scheme of this wallpaper design are directly inspired by the “Tea Story” shop in the Osborne Village in Winnipeg. Their interior features themes of 60’s design while also selling traditional teapots. This range of influences is reflected […]