Tab’leau Everywhere Web Illustrations

Stylized Illustrations featuring different environments with blue water glasses and bottle

This project has been selected as the Signature Awards 2022 Winner in the category for Illustrations or Original Artwork. Events Resorts Restaurants Offices Tabl’eau Everywhere Web Illustrations ILLUSTRATION Role: IllustratorArt Direction: Adam Sundmark, Diane Blahey See It In Action This project was completed in work placement with the Tom Powell Design Studio team. This series of illustrations was […]

Creature Christmas Cards

A collection of Christmas cards on a table

Full Collection of Creature Christmas Cards Polar Bear Cub Fox Reindeer Hedgehog Mouse Otter Penguin Snowy Owl Creature Christmas Cards ILLUSTRATION, PRINT DESIGN, MARKETING Roles: Illustrator, Designer, Photography, Seller Purchase from Etsy Shop This collection of Christmas cards was inspired by Christmas-themed storybooks rich with colour and holiday spirit. Each card comes with an envelope […]

Tea Time Wallpaper Pattern

A tea room decorated with white furniture and a dark wallpaper featuring a pattern

Dark Light Tea Time Wallpaper Design INTERIOR DESIGN, ILLUSTRATION Role: Student DesignerMentor: Andrea Tetrault The theme and colour scheme of this wallpaper design are directly inspired by the “Tea Story” shop in the Osborne Village in Winnipeg. Their interior features themes of 60’s design while also selling traditional teapots. This range of influences is reflected […]

The Runaway Snowball

Stack of books featuring children's story

A winter adventure book filled with humour and determination! STOPTHATSNOWBALL It was just another winter Saturday for Rosie when she entered a contest to make the town’s largest snowball. But as it got bigger, it got a mind of its own and rolled away! Join Rosie on her chase for the growing snowball – and […]